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So, Why Moralis Money?

Let's be real - Without a clear strategy, trading altcoins is a risky gamble. You might end up picking coins based on your feelings instead of facts. And by the time your join the trend, the whales might already be on their way out.

That's Where "On-Chain Analytics" Comes In.

Moralis Money offers an easy suite of on-chain analytics tools designed to effortlessly give you real-time insight into what coins are getting traction and attention before everyone else sees it.

Moralis Money Is The Secret To Your Financial Freedom

It's the difference between the 1,030,999 traders who don't make any money,
and the 0.000002% who make life-changing gains.

Without Moralis Money

  • Rely on YouTube, Twitter and CoinGecko to find coins
  • Buy coins after they already pumped
  • Trade alone and trust no-one
  • Gamble, stress, and get rekt

With Moralis Money

  • Find freshly minted coins down to the second
  • Get clear on-chain alpha on what experienced traders are buying
  • Access to exclusive community of altcoin investors with live streams and Q&A
  • ​Tag alongside whales and maximize your returns

Moralis Money Was Built To Make Money

Money Feature 

Token Explorer

Discover new and trending altcoins using our powerful on-chain filters. Catch coins early before they show up on major listing sites.

With Token Explorer, you can...

  • Explore newly minted coins in real-time across all major blockchains
  • See which coins are bought by experienced traders
  • Filter out scams and rugpulls

Money Feature 

Real-time Alerts

Set up custom alerts to notify you when a coin matches your filters. Never act late again.

With Alerts, you can...

  • Get notified over email or webhook as soon as something matches your conditions
  • Act directly on any type of on-chain activity 
  • Build automated strategies from our webhooks

Money Feature 

Weekly Live Show

Join Ivan and his colleagues for a weekly altcoin show and Q&A exclusively for Moralis Money Pro members. 

With our Live Show, you can...

  • Get the latest altcoin news straight from the Moralis Founder
  • Join the show to ask questions or to discuss 
  • Listen to other people share their findings and strategy

Money Feature 

Community of  investors

An exclusive community of altcoin investors. A place free of scams and promos to discuss strategy and new finds.
With our Community, you can...

  • Get inspiration and help to develop your strategy
  • See what other experienced investors are doing 

Money Feature 

BONUS: Access to Premium Education

Get access to our popular courses on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, wallets, trading and more. Over 20,000 people have taken the Moralis Academy courses.
With our Education, you can...

  • Get access to Blockchain Fundamentals, Ethereum Fundamentals and Bullrun Ready courses
  • Learn from industry experts about how to win in this industry

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  • Full Access To The Token Explorer, All Filters And All Time Frames
  • Full Access To Realtime Feed Of New Coins
  • ​Full Access To Real-Time Alerts
  • Full Access To Our Exclusive Discord Server
  • Full Access To Ivan's Weekly Live Streams
  • ​ Full Access To Blockchain 101 Course
  • ​Full Access To Ethereum 101 Course
  • ​Full Access To Bullrun Ready Course


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Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to pay with CRYPTO?
Yes, you can pay for the subscription in crypto by emailing our support team at
Do I get a user guide?
Yes, we will send you a video tutorial once you sign up. 
Is there a monthly plan?
Yes, but the discounted price applies only to the yearly subscription. 
Does Moralis Money Pro receive updates?
Yes! Our team of professional traders, coders, and designers consistently works to upgrade, update, and improve not only Moralis Money Pro Token explorer but also our BULL RUN READY Course and LIVE stream experience. Every week, you will get a new BULLRUN READY course, new Macro analysis, and a weekly LIVE Stream. 
I only HODL, will Moralis Money Pro still benefit me?
Yes! Moralis Money Pro helps HODLers by enabling you to identify coins with strong Market Caps, Fully Diluted Valuations, and Security Scores.
I'm not a techie, can I still benefit from Moralis Money Pro?
Absolutely, Moralis Money Pro is designed to be the simplest on-chain tool ever created. With a few clicks and you will be ready. Plus our world-class support is here 24/7 for you.